Episode 54

The Agenda.

Can you sync your cycle with your business?

Yes you can! In this episode of Uncomfortable, I chat with Alyx Coble-Frakes, co-founder of The Agenda. Early in Alyx’s health coaching career it became obvious to her that her desire to do certain tasks varied based on where she was at in her menstrual cycle. 

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Host: Debbie Roche

Guests: Alyx Coble-Frakes


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About Our Guest

Alyx is the co-founder of The Agenda. Early in Alyx’s health coaching career it became obvious to her that her desire to do certain tasks varied based on where she was at in her menstrual cycle. Detailed observation revealed that sales calls that happened when she was ovulating had higher conversion rates. Both Alyx and her co-founder Sunny realized that when people have a deeper understanding of their natural hormonal fluctuations they can use them to their advantage and see amazing results in their lives and in their business. The Agenda. was born! After a successful kickstarter campaign, they designed and launched a physical planner. However what came up most frequently was the desire for an app. A year later they launched another kickstarter and are currently hard at work on The Agenda. app.

Please note that there is some adult language in this episode so pop on those headphones!

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