Episode 56

Healing Trauma Through Poetry

In this episode of Uncomfortable, I chat with Bailee Noella. Bailee just released a book of poetry, Bathtub in Flames. She explains how her poetry was a way to help her heal the trauma she suffered due to sexual abuse.

*Trigger Warning* – In this episode Bailee discusses the sexual abuse that she encountered. 

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Host: Debbie Roche

Guests: Bailee Noella


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About Our Guest

Bailee Noella is a poet who writes for personal catharsis and to help others feel less alone. Drawing inspiration from poets like Charles Bukowski and Alex Dimitrov, Bailee seeks to remove the stigma from mental illness through her work. It is for this same reason that she founded the streetwear brand cyno apparel, which features designs that raise awareness of mental health issues. Bailee also works as an editor, book marketer, freelance writer, and fashion stylist.

When she’s not writing or coordinating outfits, you may find Bailee buying things she doesn’t need, researching skin care, or doodling on napkins.

*Trigger Warning* – Bailee and I do touch on the sexual abuse that she went through as a child. If you suffered abuse, you may wish to skip this episode. If you need support, please scroll down for some resources.

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Episode 56 Show Notes


Purchase Bailee’s book of poetry “Bathtub in Flames” on Amazon:

You can follow Bailee over on social media:

Instagram: @baileenoella
Twitter: @baileenoella

Make sure to check out her apparel brand Cyno Apparel:


Other Resources:

If you have suffered from sexual abuse and need help, I would recommend working with a professional. Here is just a small list of resources that might help.



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