Episode 57

Let’s Talk About Sex

In this episode of Uncomfortable, I chat with Kim, host of the podcast Hush! We talk about sex, being pretty vanilla, our fantasies and what holds us back from experiencing them.

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Host: Debbie Roche

Guests: Kim from Hush!


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About Our Guest

Kim is the host of Hush! a podcast that talks about sex, dating and relationships. Like myself, Kim is a bit of a vanilla who is curious about sex and the different lifestyles out there. She has interviewed sex workers, dating app founders, porn stars, couples in the swinging lifestyle and more.

In this episode Kim and I chat about the curiosity we have around sex and discuss some of the things that hold us back from trying out new sexy lifestyles. We also talk about how talking about sex can be so hard!!

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Episode 57 Show Notes


Check out Hush! the podcast:

Check out the website www.thehushpodcast.com

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Instagram: @hushpodcast69
Twitter: @hushpodcast69
Facebook: @hushpodcast69


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