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About Uncomfortable

Let’s talk about it.

Comfortable conversations around uncomfortable topics.

We all have battles to fight and challenges to overcome. Yet we put on a persona, a pretense that everything in our life is perfect. Our social media feeds are filled with perfectly curated images portraying our so-called-lifestyles. When in fact, on a deep level, we feel lost and isolated and crave connection with others who are going through similar experiences.

Some of us are so wrapped up in our perfectly curated Instagram-led lives that we fail to see what is going on around us. So much pain, suffering, and injustice – not just in our news feeds but on our own doorsteps. Can we all just step up and at least talk about it?

Uncomfortable is a podcast that creates comfortable (and safe) conversations around uncomfortable topics. Topics we avoid because they aren’t high profile. Topics that scare us. Topics that feel overwhelming. Topics that we are oblivious too.

Topics that make us feel uncomfortable. 

Uncomfortable the Podcast is an independent podcast created for the love of uncomfortable conversations. Support us by giving a one-time donation.


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