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Friends in Your Ears

Debbie was a guest on Friends in Your Ears hosted by the fun Kathy Campbell along with Mo Sibyl of The More Sibyl Podcast. We chat about podcasting, why we love it and share what we are currently listening too.⁠

Friends in Your Ears - Episode 61

The Fear of Science – The Fear of Conversations

Debbie was a guest, alongside Ken Lawson from Vancouver Theatre Sports, in this episode of the Fear of Science podcast hosted by Daniel Chai and Jeff Porter. We chat about why it’s hard to have difficult conversations and how to get better at having them.   

Running Wild With Christine

Debbie was interviewed by Christine Wild of Running Wild With Christine: Sex, Success & Other Slippery Rabbit Holes. In this podcast episode, Debbie & Christine chat about Deb’s journey into podcasting; being a millennial; not knowing what you want to do when you grow up; leadership; loneliness; and bodily fluids!

Interview in Apollo Magazine

Debbie is interviewed by friend of the podcast Peggy Liu about the winding career journey that led to creating and hosting Uncomfortable the Podcast. 

Latest Episodes

Episode 56 – Healing Trauma through Poetry

In this episode of Uncomfortable, I chat with Bailee Noella. Bailee just released a book of poetry, Bathtub in Flames. She explains how her poetry was a way to help her heal the trauma she suffered due to sexual abuse.

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Episode 55 – Pop Culture Witchcraft

In this episode of Uncomfortable, I chat with Tarot Reader + Pop Culture Witch Lindsay Braynen. Lindsay educates me on how witchcraft has influenced pop culture and vice versa; how it’s largely a feminist movement and; how colonialism negatively impacted the spiritual practices of black and indigenous cultures.

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